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Do you remember the joy you felt going outside to play as a child...

What happened to that?   

We want to bring your outdoor "happy" back. 

Guiding you to rediscover the natural joys and opportunities for improved wellness available in the outside world.  


 Invest in yourself. 

Wellness Coaching + Consulting with an outdoor emphasis.  

Forest Hike

ADVISING FOR IMPROVED OUTDOOR CONNECTIONS:  We provide health coaching and consulting services to help you better connect and utilize the outdoor environment.  Our goal is to support positive behavior change and inspire better connections to the environment in which you live.   Outdoor spaces and the built environment can be easily adapted to accommodate your outdoor needs. Our decades of experience in community engagement and clarifying needs can help streamline specific ways to improve your outdoor connections to more comfortably enjoy and observe the outdoors today and tomorrow.

From Nature Perscriptions to Nature Bathing, the benefits of time spent outside are not just a trend, they are here to stay.  However, we recognize the need for deeper awareness and understanding to make outdoor experiences more inviting, interesting, stimulating, comfortable, memorable, and sustainable.

If you seek some guidance on how to become more comfortable in the outdoors, want to better incorporate nature in your wellness routines or property, would like a deeper connection/appreciation to your environment, or simply seek ideas on changes that would bring the best return on investment for your property, we are here to help. 

Coaching + Consulting Projects Support a variety of Individuals, Groups, Corporations, Wellness Programs, Teambuilding, Community Engagement, Non-Profits, Design Professionals + Athletics.



Individual and Group Health and Wellness coaching oriented to the needs of the client with an emphasis on outdoor and nature integration.


Unique workshops can be created specifically to address your needs to with topics including placemaking, the value of outdoor space, garden design, nature bathing, sensory improvements and sensory gardens, local flora and fauna, local recreation, healthy eating, workplace culture, accessibility improvements, and aging in place.


With years of public sector community input facilitation, we can quickly gauge the demand for improvements and work to refine the need for new or improved amenities and outdoor spaces in your organization.


We work with you to provide numerous ways to integrate the outdoor environment to meet your needs. We can evaluate and advise on properties, plans, and even outdoor adventures.  


Lectures educate on outdoor wellness topics such as the benefits of outdoor space, spending time outside, return on investment for outdoor improvements, and how to maximize your outdoor experience. 


Conducting digital consultations, we can quickly advise on improvements, suggestions, assist with property concerns and provide guidance and direction dependent on your needs.

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