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Physical and Behavioral benefits are found in as little as 5 minutes of exposure to nature.

With an average of 1/3 of life


Do you take work breaks

 that take advantage of the outdoors?


 What's your excuse? From CEO to intern, appreciating nature outside your door is accessible to everyone- no matter the fitness level, race, age, or role in the workplace.  Workplace wellnes holds a great return on investment, but the pandemic has demonstrated the importance of improved outdoor spaces. How well does it feel to disconnect and connect with the local environment?  Stepping outside can also foster social connection within organizations, decrease anxiety/stress, and increase productivity!



Nature Integration Consulting / Coaching,

 Strategic Planning/ Asset Improvements,



Research has found that exposure to green space reduces stress levels, improves recovery, and increases social connection; benefitting both physical and mental health.  

Increased demands in the work day and a heavy reliance on technology contribute to the unhealthy disconnect of people to the outdoors. A lack of outdoor connections intensifies work stressors whereas connecting workers to the outdoor environment provide opportunities for respite. This connection has been proven to increase productivity,  boost effectiveness, and reduce sick time at the workplace.

Exolution applies expertise in the field of Total Worker Health where we addressing worker disconnect with coaching and consulting for improved connections with nature.     

Exolution thoughtfully creates contextually appropriate spaces with unique features, textural materials and plant selections tailored to the specific needs of the users to enhance worker wellness.


“Exolution helped me to literally stop to smell the roses.  I never would go outside during the day - now I set a timer for outdoor breaks, since they immediately make me feel less overwhelmed and when I return to my desk, I swear I am 3x's more productive!”

— Joeseph, Data Analyst

Virtual Team Meeting

“Thanks Exolution!

We learned so much during the first session, and my team is psyched for the upcoming ones”

— Sue, Technology Team Lead

Exolution has a variety of services to complement wellness programs, improve spaces and increase outdoor connections. Please reach out to learn more.

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