Is your outdoor space not meeting your needs? 

We can help with that. We know it isn't pleasant to work, sit or play outside when the outdoor environment is uncomfortable. 

We can refine your needs, prioritize improvements, direct design, and even guide you on how to go about making improvements yourself.  All while improving wellness. 

 Invest in your space. 

Outdoor Space Consulting + Design

Landscape Architecture, Strategic Planning,

Urban Design, + Outdoor Recreation Planning.

Outdoor Event

DESIGN IMPROVEMENTS TO ENHANCE WELLBEINGAfter gaining an understanding of the property and your needs, we strive to inspire positive physical change and improvements at all scales.  We design aesthetically pleasing and comfortable spaces to benefit wellbeing/wellness along with creating thoughtful contextually appropriate solutions and spaces with unique features, textural materials, and plant selections tailored to the specific needs of the users. 

 Comfort, health + safety are at the forefront of all our designs as we strive to increase connections to nature through the built environment.  We also provide design direction and can empower and guide you on how to make improvements yourself.

In any environment, our designs will improve everyday experiences-

at work, home, play, or on holiday.  

Consulting + Design Projects specialize in a variety of properties including Commercial, Workplaces, Residential, Public Lands + Municipal Environments. 



We provide short and long-term planning expertise and creative design ideas for future development and growth.   Whether manipulating the land or creating a green roof, outdoor spaces that you view or enter increase wellness.


 Environments that comfort and heal. From pools, spas, and healing spaces, to memorials, meditation, and contemplation spaces we bring authentic design skills to the table. 


We work with Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and other professionals to provide expertise and guidance on landscape opportunities, constraints, and improvements.


The outdoor design creates useable square footage and adds value to your property. Whether a workspace, a commercial space, park, plaza, or a residential area, improvements engage and benefit all users.


Workplace culture should ideally encourage outdoor use and have adequate outdoor spaces. Stepping outside can foster connection within organizations, decrease anxiety/stress and increase productivity. 


We help inspire, think outside the box, and design placemaking that reflects your image.