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Meet us on the mountain top - as healthy lifestyles, meditation, fitness, food, + play are priorities in our lives.


We have continually empowered change in both public + private sectors, individuals, and teams with a foundation in high-end design.  


Jennifer’s passion is to comfortably connect people to the outside environment.  After years of creating innovative policy, design, and strategic planning for the National Park Service, she found true value not in the “once in a lifetime landscape experiences” but in the “everyday experiences with the local landscape.” 

After studying medical and intuitive perspectives on the benefit of spending time outside, Jennifer strives to design more influential environments for human connection.  She has over twenty years of experience nationally in natural resources, land management, private high-end resort design, and municipal design that thoughtfully improved and shaped environments.  Inspired to focus on therapeutic environments, Jennifer formed Exolution Design.  As Faculty at the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado, Jennifer also leads clinical teaching emphasizing connections between the built environment, community, and health. She incorporates health and wellness principles in her research and teaching where she has led students successfully on over thirty projects in underserved communities. 

In addition to her innovative work and leadership experiences, Jennifer holds a Graduate Certificate in Public Health, a Master of Landscape Architecture, a Master of Urban and Regional Planning, and a B.S. in Natural Resources and Environmental Science. Jennifer holds a Professional License in Landscape Architecture, the American Planning Association AICP Planner Certification and is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Jennifer also paints abstract art and encourages the advantageous synergy among art and design.

Maeve Nevins-Lavtar, ASLA

Maeve began her career as a professional designer in 2005 with a foundation in mountain resort and community landscape architecture with the distinguished international design firm of Hart Howerton, Ltd. Since then, she has built a diverse portfolio ranging in scale from a commemorative "Blue Star" garden to Alaska's first public "Intergenerational Health and Healing Park". Several of her northern projects have received national attention, including earning a reputation in her home town of Anchorage, Alaska as a "crisis project manager", successful at strategically rehabilitating complex sites after traumatic situations, such as an earthquake-damaged town center, flood-damaged trail corridors and failed pedestrian bridges. Since 2012, she has efficiently managed over 50 Municipality of Anchorage park and trail projects, implementing community-driven ideas from conceptual design through construction. Her work can be seen throughout the Rocky Mountains Western U.S., Alaska and most recently, globally, as Maeve has been volunteering as the Design Director and Gold Star Delegate for a humanitarian project with the Tragedy Assistant Program (TAPS International), conceptualizing a new Women's Empowerment Community Center in Iraq. Maeve holds a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from Colorado State University and is a graduate of the Alaska Humanities Forum Leadership Anchorage program. Maeve is currently a board member with the Alaska Chapter of Landscape Architects and volunteers as a steep skiing and mountain bike coach in her free time.

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Jennifer Kovarik, AICP, PLA